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Sterling's specialist accountancy sectors

Companies and individuals that operate within a specialist industry will understand the necessity of having an accountant that understands, and can work within, the legislative framework that governs the sector.

For example;

An example we always like to use is; even though doctors, nurses, dentists and psychiatrists all work for the NHS, their disciplines and areas of experetise are very different;

Corporate accountants, Greater Manchester

The NHS will direct you to visit the Doctor if you are ill, the Nurse if you need a routine jab, a Dentist if you have a problem with your teeth and visit a Psychiatrist when you're sick of the NHS!

All these professions are under the National Health Service.  Similarly the banner of 'accountancy' covers a wide range of services provided to every industry you can imagine, so if you have a Pharmacy you probably wouldn't be interested in an Accountant who predominantly deals with Taxi drivers.

In order to cater for this great disparity of service Sterling employs a specialist accountant for each industry sector and business type.

Call us;  We are sure each of our advisors can educate and enlighten even the most experienced business owner.

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Specialist industry sectors include:
Retail pharmacies & locum pharmacists
Opticians and locum optomitrists
Medical & dental professionals
Real estate and property
Computers & software
New & used vehicle sales
Import & Export companies
Solar PV & renewable energy
Building, plumbing & electrical trades


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