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You can unlock entirely new markets for competitively priced products by importing from abroad, but a thorough understanding of the United Kingdom's Import Laws and regulations affecting the flow of goods and capital over borders is essential if you want to continue trading successfully.

We can ensure that the certificates you require to recover VAT & Duty paid on imports are in place and clarify issues with HMRC where these are missing.

As part of the HMRC campaign to step up investigations you may come under scrutiny if you have sold anything on eBay or similar sites.

We are professionals in dealing with businesses who import goods from abroad to be sold either in UK, across Europe or to the wider world.  We do not care if you use the internet or you have a direct manufacturing contract which must be fulfilled.  Our advice has helped many companies reclaim thousands of pounds back from HMRC in overpayments of VAT, Corporation Tax or Income Tax.

This is a band wagon you simply must join.

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Export and international shipping

We are very experienced in dealing with the accounting requirements of overseas transactions and can ensure that all necessary data is accessible so that an accounting system can produce the information needed under Intrastat reporting, and can handle this on your behalf.

It is the exporter's responsibility to obtain proper export licenses, if required, and also to ensure that their goods do not fall under any export restrictions.  Current UK laws place restrictions on the export of military and paramilitary goods, artwork, plants and animals, technology, as well as certain kinds of medicines and industrial chemicals.  Obtaining an export licence for such goods may depend on factors like if the item has any potential military uses and to which country is it being exported to.

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with foreign currency's and Exchange Rate Variations due to delayed billing and payment from month to month.

Having our team on your side is invaluable when it comes to providing apt and meaningful explanations to HMRC for seemingly complex transactions.


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